J&R Power Checkering Tools

D-3 Power Checkering Tool
  The direct drive D-3 is used for
     checkering gunstocks and metal.
The included manuals cover
    operation, adjustment and
The included video demonstrates
    power checkering basics,
    assembly/disassembly and
Both Right and Left hand tools
    are available.
   20 cutter types are available.

Right / Left Hand $550.00

   Checkering Demonstration Video / DVD
   Specify NTSC (US, Canada), PAL (European, S. America) or DVD $20.00

NTSC / PAL / DVD$20.00


D-3 Electric System
D-3 Hand Piece
  Electric Motor
  Electric Control Box
  Foot Controller (Optional)
  Manuals and Video
110 VAC,systems are available


Right / Left Hand $1375.00

   Foot Controller for Electric Checkering System $90.00



D-3 Air System
D-3 Hand Piece
  Air Motor
  Foot Controller
  Air Filtration Lubrication
     Regulation Kit
  Lubrication oil
  Manuals and Video

Exaust air is used to blow away
    the sawdust while checkering.
An air compressor generating
   1 HP and 3 CFM  is required
   for proper operation.

Right / Left Hand $1300.00


  View cutter types available.

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